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Having dryer issues in Wragg Borough Homes?

We can help right away. Whether your dryer is old or new, gas or electric, our dryer technicians have the skills and knowledge to successfully service and repair your unit at an affordable cost.Call the Lowcountry leaders in affordable dryer repair. We repair all makes and models of gas and electric dryers. Affordable & Trusted Local Wragg Borough Homes Dryer Repair Company. Reliable gas and electric dryer repair. Same day and next day local dryer repair service.

We Are Wragg Borough Homes’s Preferred Choice for Dryer Repair.

If you are experiencing any type of problems with your dryer, you’ll need a skilled dryer technician to service and repair your issue as soon as possible. Affordable Appliance’s dryer repair technicians are factory trained and certified. We can also perform preventative maintenance which will extend the life of your dryer.

Don’t waste your money on a new dryer. We can fix or refurbish your existing dryer.

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